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Server 5 is now open for signup
Server 5 - Bronze Fever is now open for signup. The server will start 17. April 2014 12.00 CET. The server will feature a server wide bronze package, which means everyone will have bronze package for the entire server

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What is Oxron in a few words?
Oxron is a multiplayer strategy game which works through an ordinary web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. No download is required and you can play from any computer, smartphone or other web device.

How does it work exactly?
You control a town and your job is to upgrade it and eventually construct more towns. You can build an army to defend yourself and to loot others. The game never sleeps, meaning when you upgrade a building or research new things, all of this gets done, even when you are offline. An upgrade can take anywhere from 1 minute to more than 24 hours depending on its level and complexity.

Who is this game for?
This game is ideal for people who don't have a lot of time to spend on a computer game for long periods of time. The game still runs while you are away or asleep and since some upgrades and researches can take hours to complete, it is not intended for you to sit in front of the game all the time. It is a perfect game for people working at offices or for people with kids as well, as you usually don't need to spend more than 2-5 minutes to get new things started in the game.

What does Oxron cost then?
Oxron is free and will stay that way. You will never be charged anything, unless you choose to buy extra in-game features.

Aha! So I can only become good in Oxron, if I buy extra features then?
Not at all. You might have experienced this in some other browser games, but the extra features that can be purchased here just eases out the gameplay. You can start more work in-game, without having to be at the computer as often, you get more customizable navigations and you don't have to calculate as much yourself. In general, the features don't give unfair advantages (like extra resources or instant troops) and you can still be an excellent player without them.

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